Narrative Species, Catching Up: Dave Barry

Here are some newly posted podcasts.  I’m trying to catch up and I have a LONG way to go!

Dave Barry:IMG_1111 Live Right And find Happiness, (Although Beer is Much Faster) Life Lessons and Other Ravings From Dave Barry

Dave Barry is back at the essays, and they’re as wonderful as ever.  Barry manages more and more to craft thoughtful, even powerfully sentimental writing that is also hilarious.

He seems to be leaning a little more on the sentiment side of late, and the real revelation is that he manages to walk that line with skill and class.  There’s lots of emotion in this writing, all of it authentic and all of it expertly and enjoyably leavened by his sense of humor.  If you like Dave Barry, you will love this book..  If you’ve never read Dave Barry, this is a great place to start.

Follow this link to hear my interview with Dave Barry.

Listen here:


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