Ruth Wolever Thoughtfully Considers : The Mindful Diet: How to Transform Your Relationship with Food for Lasting Weight Loss and Vibrant Health

In The Mindful Diet, Wolever and Beth Reardon use the whole mind and body philosophy of Integrative medicine and the scientized techniques of Mindful Meditation to use our best resource, our own mind, and have it observe our body. While anyone can do this, the steps laid out in this book, which I discussed with the author in my interview, offer the clearest and smartest path yet to bring a level of sanity to our diet and eating habits.

This is a book, and an interview that is pragmatic and helpful. The advice and workshops are easily integrated into an actual day of a normal person. And the results will fan out far beyond weight loss. If you’re leading a productive and satisfied life then your diet will take care of itself. The Mindful Diet offers tips for understanding bad habits and forming new habits, based on the latest neuroscience. At heart is a simple rule with implications that ripple through all you do. Stop. Find silence. Learn to listen to yourself, your mind and your body. Be on the lookout – for the rules that you make that work for you.

You can find my in-depth review and the long-form interview at the Rainbow Light Transformational Wellness Network podcast page. Please go here, leave a comment, and support all my blogs and podcasts. To hear my exclusive lightning round interview with Ruth Wolever, follow this link to the MP3 audio file, or just listen below.


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